About Milly

Milly Armstrong Clark is a Yorkshire comedian raised in the quaint town of Malton. Throughout her early years, she loved nothing more than to film herself pretending to be elderly people, which scientists believe may be a defect caused by the over excessive consumption of Yorkshire Tea and pickled gherkins since birth.

Milly got into stand up in 2019 as a way to subsidise her Yorkshire Tea addiction. Her style has been described as loveably quirky and accidentally intellectual. Pulling anecdotes from her mildly ridiculous life, Milly weaves a hilarious narrative with observations of her encounters - from motorway sex shops to 3am cake baking sessions - and a splash of the delightfully macabre to offer a unique and side-splitting performance. Her first gig was in York, shortly after she was wrongfully accused of telling a small woman to go back to the circus, so every gig since has been a massive improvement by simply not being shouted at in a queue.

When Milly isn't up on stage, she hosts a podcast Tea with the Morale Queen in which she sits down with a new guest to share positive and morale-boosting stories over a good cuppa. Her guests come from all walks of life, and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Outside of her comedic and creative pursuits, Milly is passionate about animals and wildlife. Milly attended the University of Cumbria, where she studied a degree in Wildlife and Media. Her work history includes time with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, two veterinary surgeries, a Birds of Prey centre, and the Cats Protection. Milly has been involved in various fundraising projects to help a great number of wildlife and animal organisations, and is always keen to find ways to merge her passions together.

Milly lives with her own band of waifs and strays, including husband Rob, a golden retriever called Poppy (also known as Div dog), two cats named Xena (Xenie Bidniss) and Kya (Scripps of Scripps and Scrapps fame), and a bearded dragon called Ziggard Christopher Stark Junior (Ziggy). You can keep up to date with all things Milly-related by following her on Instagram, or YouTube.

Milly with her hands up
Milly poking up her head